Product Photography BTS & Images - Video

Aug 23, 2019

Hii, Click the below video to watch some amazing product shoots done. Enjoy watching the images along with some Behind The Scenes (BTS). Product photography is one among the important specialisations Lightdots® do. Product photography involves specilaised lighting and showcasing the product in the best possible way. Remember, product photography is something as important as a good salesman.

Celebrating World Photography Day

Aug 19, 2018

Meeting all the family members together on a special day is always joyful, be it  Christmas, Ramdan or Diwali...We Photographers too have such a special day.. yes, World Photography Day. This day...

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Photography Training for Indian Army

May 04, 2018

I believe, the beautiful part of our life is when you are able to do something for the people who protects you. This was the motive to which I took the assignment of training photography skill to Indian Army. I must say a challenging

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Nurturing Creative Minds

Mar 30, 2018

creative lighting workshop at lightdots bangalore

Lightdots presently offering 3 programs in the field of photography i.e Basic Photography, Post Processing and Creative Lighting. If you are passionate in learning then...

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Lightdots 5th Anniversary & Master Class

January 17, 2018

Yes, we have completed 5 year journey in the field of photography and of-course in imparting knowledge. The journey of LIGHTDOTS had started on 12/12/2012.

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World Photography Day – Photo Tour

August 20, 2017

World Photography Day – 19 th August. Lightdots celebrated this day in 2017 with a fabulous photo tour. An amazing group consisting of members who completed our basic photography courses

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Lightdots Alumni Photo Exploration Tour

July 25, 2017

Its always good being together.. especially if all are photographers. There is always a practice which followed in lightdots on a regular basis – Its called Photo Exploration Tour, There were many photo exploration tours in the past and we are starting to put this up in our blog from now onwards.

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Splash Photography – Tips

February 22, 2015

Hi, Welcome to Lightdots Blog. Today lets discuss on splash photography.

Shooting splashes is something interesting in the field of high speed photography. Below are some of my tips for shooting splashes.

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