Splash and Water Drop


Course Contents

1 .Understanding Splash

What is a splash. The characteristics of splash.

2. Understanding Drop

What is a water drop, science behind it

3. Lighting Techniques for Splash and Drop

Types of lighting required for a water splash and drop

4. Liquids

Properties of liquid. Consideration in photography.

5. Finding the Right Shutter Speed

Role of shutter speed, Ideal shutter speed, How to find the right speed

6. Sync Speed

What is sync speed, how does it matter in splash photography.

7. Lighting Equipment

Different kinds of gears and equipment required to do splash photography. water drop photography, triggering devices, apps to control accurate results

8. Lighting Speed

What is lighting speed. How it works with splash and water drop photography

9. Splash Using Speed-light

Working with speed light, placement, mode and power settings.

10. Splash Using Monolight

How to work with monolight

11. Splash Using Continuous Light

How to do splash with continuous light

12. Splash Using natural Light

How to do splash with natural light.

13. Using Color Gel

Using Gels for splash and water-drop photography

14. Modifiers

Different modifiers required for doing splash and water drop photography

15. Shooting Splash with Single Light

How to do splash with a single light

16. Shooting Splash with Two Lights

How to do splash with a two lights

17. Shooting liquid drop with Single Light

Shooting water drop with single light

18. How to choose the correct Background

Choosing the right background for splash and water drop photography

19. Basic Post Production

Basic post production workflow for water drop and splash photography.

20. Camera and Lens

The right camera and lens for water drop and splash photography

21. Questions and Discussions

Live interactive sessions to answer all your queries and questions.