Portrait Photography


Course Contents

1 What is Portraiture ?

Understanding the real meaning of portraiture in photography. Points to remember while doing portraits. Key elements which play the role of a portrait.

2. Environmental Portraiture

How to do environmental portrait. Points to consider, Lens Choice, Lighting consideration. Essential Kit

3. Natural Lighting Portraiture

How to do a portrait under 100% natural light. How natural light behaves. How to shape it for your purpose. Gears and accessories required.

4. Key Lighting Methods

Key lighting in portraiture. How to place it. How to reference it. How to ration it

5. Business Portraiture

What makes a Business portrait. Wardrobe. Lighting, Elements to keep in mind.

6. Posing Techniques

Some of the best posing guides to make better portraits. Communicating.

7. Better Catchlights

What you need to make better catchlights. The modifier required. Placement

8. Ratio Lighting

How to work with ratio lighting. Is there any perfect ratio consideration.

9. Lighting 1 Clamshell

How to make a portrait with clamshell lighting - PRACTICAL

10. Lighting 2 Loop

How to do loop lighting in portrait photography - PRACTICAL

11. Lighting 3 Rembrandt

How to do Rembrandt lighting in portraiture. _ PRACTICAL

12. Using Silver / Golden / White Reflector

How reflector works, casting, temperature, modifying light with reflectors.

13. Building Reflector

How to build a usable reflector by yourself

14. Contrast theory in Lighting

Theory of Contrasting

15. Single Light Portraiture

Dramatic lighting portrait with single light

16. Multiple Light Portraiture

Working with multiple lights

17. Mixing Strobe and Natural light

How to work with strobe light along with natural light. Challenges, Solutions

18. Basic Post Production

Basic post production required in portraiture. Workflow.

19. Questions and Discussions

Live interactive sessions to answer all your queries and questions.