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Ever wanted to capture the fleeting emotion, the split-second elation, the blink-and-you-might-miss-it moment?

Photography is the art of capturing the “Decisive Moment” as Cartier-Bresson put it. For us at Lightdots this means that a truly eye-catching photograph is the perfect amalgamation of observation, conceptualization, intensive planning, and the perfect play of light.

Robin, the founder of Lightdots, has been a passionate photographer for 9+ years. He believes that a single beam of light at the right angle at the right time can breathe life into the most mundane of objects or situations, elevating it above the ordinary. Robin also teaches photography – he believes that the perfect photographer is one who is able to weld technical perfection with an eye for the perfect frame. Training is essential to sharpen the talent and bring out the best in an aspiring photographer. With Robin’s mentorship, passion for perfection, combined with perseverance and love for experimenting, the team at Lightdots always brings its A-game to any assignment.

We take care to make our clients feel comfortable with our work and environment. Our skills will transform every occasion into a memorable celebration!

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Address: Richards Town, Bangalore,
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