Worlds Most Viewed  Photograph


Every Photograph has a destiny, and many a time, the destiny cannot be defined or predicted by the photographer. The image” Bliss ” is such an example. On a Friday afternoon, Charles O’Rear took this beautiful vineyard photograph at Sonoma, while he was travelling from Napa valley to San Fransisco. He named this image initially as "Bucolic Green Hills". Later this image had been submitted to a stock photography agency called Westlite ( that company got acquired by Corbis later, Now Getty Images by VCG ). Dreamy blue clouds, warmth of a sunny afternoon and green grass all around. Wouldn’t this sight bring forth a heavenly bliss in our hearts ? The same thought led Microsoft to buy the bucolic green hills photograph with a hefty paycheque .They renamed it as “Bliss”. Windows XP was a successful OS released by Microsoft. This massive success made the Wall paper so famous ,that anyone who used Win XP got a memorable association with this beautiful piece of art. As per records, it is ranked as the highest viewed image ( more than 1 Billion). This episode gives you more insight about this marvel , which surely is a feast for our eyes.