Photography Training for Indian Army - April 2024

With augmented zest and meticulous preparation, I reached Jammu. Little did I know about the challenges that would unfold. Holding down my curiosity, I did try to appear serene and brawny outwardly. The adverse terrain being a major hurdle to overcome, I carefully curated the indoor and outdoor

sessions. Surprisingly, we ended up performing outdoor sessions even at ~10000 ft above sea level. The cadre, though without much of a technical knowhow, had a relentless urge to learn. The punctiliously structured pedagogy made their deep dive into photography less perplexing.

The 7th day, gave me a fulfilling sigh of relief, as I blissfully observed an expression of  WOW! , blooming on the face of the otherwise stoic superiors, upon viewing the final assignment photographs submitted by the cadre. Yes, they are now adequately trained to shoot with their camera as much as with their guns… I mused.

A citation from the Indian Army for having successfully trained the green horned combatants at Jammu & Kashmir in Intensive Photography for 7 days - It culminated on 10th April, unwrapping before me as the best birthday gift ever.

This chapter of my life has left a lasting imprint on me. Imparting knowledge to them has not only increased my respect towards the military force as a whole, but also moulded in me a disparate perspective on understanding life in itself, its challenges and discipline.