Lightdots Alumni Photo Exploration Tour

Its always good being together.. especially if all are photographers. There is always a practice which followed in lightdots on a regular basis – Its called Photo Exploration Tour, There were many photo exploration tours in the past and we are starting to put this up in our blog from now onwards. [ Sorry for not updating the previous tours]. This tour was meant to explore the historical marvellous of Lightdots Photo Exploration Tour – Tipu Summer Palace Somanathapura and Mysore. We could also cover the Karighatta on this way. Karighatta is a lovely location for textures and rock formations.  We were able to see the Tipu Summer Palace and learn some beautiful history. Our Journey continued beyond Mysore (certainly after having delicious lunch at Kamat ) and reached Somanathapura. Here is the real skill of architecture. With the beauty of right angled sunlight, all of us could capture the fascinating creation done on stone several centuries ago (~1100 AD). A fantastic trip which made all the Lightdots Alumni with a cherish-able photographing experience.

Lightdots Photo Exploration Tour – Karighatta

Lightdots Photo Exploration Tour – Somanathapura

An absolute learning… and the learning continues…