Strobe and Speed Light Photography



1 . Speed-light and Strobe light

What is a speed-light and why it is used. How to take advantages of the same.

2. Metering system with Speed-light and Strobe light

How does the metering system work with speed-light

3. Modes of Speed-light and Strobe light

Why are there many modes in speed-light

4. Working of different modes

How to work with different modes

5. Application Specific speed light modes

How to select a specific mode in different photo shooting scenario.

6. On Camera Flash and Off Camera Flash

How to do On Camera and Off Camera flashes

7. Stroboscope

Working of speed-light as stroboscope creative

8. Sync

How to do sync with speed-light and strobe light

9. High Speed Sync

How to achieve High speed sync with speed-light

10. Curtain Sync

Understanding practically the curtain sync, using it creatively.

11. TTL and ETTL

What is TTL and ETTL.How to work with this.

12. Powering Methods

Different powering method for speed-light and strobe lights

13. Dragging Shutter

Techniques to do shutter drag

14. Right Battery Selections

Which are the right batteries to be used.

15. Radio Triggering and Optical Triggering

How to do radio triggering and how to do optical triggering

16. Studio Strobe Lights and Working

Which are strobe lights. How to work with it.

17. Modifiers and Gears

Lighting modifiers, accessories, grips.

18. Hard and Soft light

How to make hard and soft light. What are the application of these

19. Questions and Discussions

Live interactive sessions to answer all your queries and questions.