Technicalities in Photography - Second Process Step 


By now, you are familiar with the first step - Mood board creation in photography (please check our previous photography blogs). Let us move forward, discussing the second step of photography process i.e TECHNICALITIES. The choice of Full frame camera or crop frame camera, the perfect lens to be used etc. We are taking a deep dive into the details - focal length matters, how magnification changes when you chose a particular camera ,lens and so on. In this episode, you would also learn about the ideal shutter speed, aperture and ISO to be maintained as per our mood-board design. Some interesting factors like RAW or JPEG, lighting choices are also included.Gear up yourselves with basic technicalities involved in photography. Coming up in the following episode would be the 3rd process ie Aesthetics and composition based on these technicalities. Start Learning, Start Clicking. Thank you