5 Tips for Better Focusing in Photography


Focusing is an important aspect of photography. We must ensure that , the subject or the point of interest in the frame is in focus. To do that there are multiple techniques.  We are sharing you 5 tips for better focusing. 1. You digitally zoom the image after you do the shoot, this will give you an immediate understanding whether the subject is really sharp or not. 2. Ensure you have sufficient light on the subject so as to identify the colour contrast by the camera, that will enable faster focus 3.  Use the individual focus points for accurate focusing of subject 4. Use Manual Focus (MF) to have 100 % control over focusing. 5. Use focus drives like AI focus, AI Servo, Continuous Focus etc to focus on a moving subject. I think, these techniques will give you better control over focusing the subject thereby giving you sharper and better images.

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