Food Photography


Course Contents

1 .Basics of Food Photography

Basics and foundation theory of food photography

2. Camera

Which is the right camera to do food photography

3. Lens

Which are the best lenses to invest in and use for shooting food

4. Shooting food under Natural Light

How to achieve great result of food photography only with natural light

5. Shooting food under Continuous Lights

How to do food photography with continuous indoor lighting

6. Shooting food with Flash Lights

How to shoot food with flash lights.

7. Food Placement

Placement techniques

8. Composition and Framing

How to do composition with food and props

9. Basics of Styling

Foundation of food styling

10. Prop Selection and Usage

How to choose the right props and what to look for.

11. Shooting food with Speed-lights

Shooting food with only speed-lights

12. Shooting with Light reflectors

How to make use of reflectors in food photography. Which are the reflectors you must have.

13. Using Diffusers for Food Photography

How to make use of diffusers in food photography

14. Shooting Bakery Products and Pastries

Practical way of doing bakery product shooting

15. Shooting Food and Drinks

Practical way of shooting food and drinks.

16 . Post Production

Basic post production workflow for food photography.

17. Questions and Discussions

Live interactive sessions to answer all your queries and questions.