Splash Photography – Tips

Hi, Welcome to Lightdots Blog. Today lets discuss on splash photography.

Shooting splashes is something interesting in the field of high speed photography. Below are some of my tips for shooting splashes.

  1. Set It Up : The set up is equally important as your pictures. You must plan your shoot with basic amenities, since it is splash, ensure that the area is clutter free, enough liquid absorbents are kept. The area must be covered with plastic else, this may lead to spoiling some of your equipment. You may use a lens which is >70 mm so as to maintain a safe working distance.
  2. Focusing : Ensure the camera is mounted on a tripod. Focus the main spot and ensure that the focus point is not altered, you may change the focusing  mode to MF once you achieve the correct pre focus
  3. Lighting: Splashes can be done with strobe lighting and continuos lighting. Continuos lighting will give you more possibility of getting right shots, but you need to have powerful light source to have the good DOF. But if you use strobe lighting be sure to have a time calculation as when to trigger the camera. (there are various methods to achieve this result). A simple off camera flash also do the trick. All lighting can be made use.
  4. Action : Make the splash with your own style (or instruct your assistants to do the same) capture it. You may be lucky if you   get a beautiful shot within first 2 – 3 attempts else keep trying you will get it. Don’t be panic even if the attempts count reaches 200, still try. You will get a perfect splash.
  5. Post Production : Please note, this will be required most of the times as perfection in splash is not stable, A little tweaking, cropping and adjustment would be a good effort to make the splash looks awesome.

Now grab your gear, move ahead and capture the splash. its fun.