Nurturing Creative Minds

Creative Photography Workshop

Lightdots presently offering 3 programs in the field of photography i.e Basic Photography, Post Processing and Creative Lighting. If you are passionate in learning then

you would be successfull in finishing all these programs ( certainly you need to indulge ) - The eco system with sufficient mentoring and instructions are assured. Some of our recent successfull pass outs are seen in the photographs… though there were many in previous years. These photographers have learned the tricks to work with natural light as well as artificial lights… any established photographer knows the importance of post production. Lightdots make the post production program interesting by simplifying the difficult concepts. All the concepts in all the programs are installed in creative minds, the results are highly motivating and enriching. Let me conclude here by saying thank you to all the Alumni for your continuous patronage and contributions with lightdots photography. Lets us keep up the good work. Keep Clicking … Celebrate Life…