Pre Visualisation or Mood Board in Photography - First Process Step

Hello, In the previous blog and video you saw 5 steps to be followed in photography process. Today I would be explaining the first step “PRE-VISUALISATION” in detail. As a photographer you should be a visual thinker and your imagination needs to be communicated to other team members of the project. This process is called mood boarding (Mood Board) in photography. It can be materialised through simple sketch on a paper or through computer application. Its a mix of visual representations, ideas, sketches etc. The more you work on it collaboratively ,the more refined it becomes. A mood board is going to act as a reference for planning pre production and production. It’s an important step in creative commercial photography. This video takes you through this process ,using a simple kids portrait shoot as an example. You will get basic knowledge about mood-board in photography with this 5 minitues video. Enjoy Learning. Happy Clicking. Thanks for reading and thanks for watching.