Creative Lighting - ( C )


Course Contents



This course is designed for you to start working with flash / strobe lighting.

02. Introduction Strobe / Flash

What is Strobe light, why do you need a strobe light. What are the factors considered before buying a strobe light

03. Light Controls

Understand the controls in a light unit. Eg. Slave, Trigger, RF Trigger, Optical Triger, Audio Indicator, Testing, Power Controls.

04. Metering and Lighting

What needs to be communicated.Radio Frequency and Optical Communication. How metering and lighting works together

05.How to make a studio

How to make a small budget photography studio. Considerations, Space etc

06. Lighting Theory

Univeral law of lighting. Deriving, Practical way to assess, How to interpret

07. Lightmeter

What is lightmeter, Hands-on training with Lightmeter, How to read data. How to calculate data.

08.Basic Modifier

What is modifier, How to add a modifier, Light shaping Light modifiying, Contrast Control.

09. Reflectors and Backgrounds

Necessity of reflector. How to create one, Readymade reflectors. Backgrounds, Material selection, Holding mechanism

10. Ambient Light influence

How to work with flash when there is an ambient lighting situation

11. Basics of Portraiture

Understanding portrait photography basics ?

12. Split Lighting - Practical

Hwo to achieve high drama portraits, How to do lighting to achieve the same.

13. Rembrandt Lighting - Practical

Setting up a rembrandt lighting scenario. Angle, shape and modifier required. Seeing the angle.

14. Glamour Lighting - Practical

How to achieve glamour lighting. Doing practical to achieve celebrity quality portraits. Lighting methods

15. Question and Answer

All the lighting is done with theory and practical. Individual practice is ensured. Questions and answers are inlcuded at every stage of lighting class learning