Wall of Fame 01 Feb 2024

Photographer : Hithish R A

Camera: SONY 7M4

Lens : FE 200-600 mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS

EXIF - Shutter Speed : 1/1000; Aperture : F9; ISO : 500; Focal Length : 600

Location : Masai Mara 

Amidst the Masai Mara's canvas, I, the silent observer, seated in the safari vehicle. The air was charged with anticipation as a cheetah, a golden streak against the savannah backdrop, meticulously scans the vast expanse. In this suspended moment, the pulse of the wilderness quickens, a symphony of survival echoing across the sunlit savannah. The photograph captures the imminent hunt, freezing the wild spirit of this majestic creature in a snapshot. 

About Photographer: Hithish R A is a proud alumnus of lightdots academy, he specialises in wildlife photography. His passion strive towards wildlife conservation. You can reach him on instagram : hithish_ra

Masters Comment: Wildlife photography is a challenging photography genre where you merge your technical, artstic and field craft skill. You would need a super tele lens and an interchangeable lens camera to do wildlife photography. Even a macro lens can make you shoot wildlife specilising wild insects. This photograph is giving the warmth of wildlife. The composition gives a story of the vastness and control over wild. Liked the expression and lighting. Thanks for sharing this image with our photography community.